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Our Principles

The Circuit Board is geared towards providing our users with up-to-date venue and event information; we attempt to not collect any personable information and only serve publicily available information.

Our Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computing device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone etc). They are designed to hold a limited amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and is accessed via a web server to provide additional functionality or state. This allows the server to deliver a web page tailored to a particular user.

Cookies can be “persistent” or “session” cookies. Persistent cookies stay on your device for a set period of time or until you delete them, while session cookies are deleted once you close your web browser.

How we use Cookies

We ( make use of cookies via embeddied 3rd-party use of soundcloud. You may wish to read their particular policy here. We currently don’t make use of cookies beyond 3rd party use.

What we do use

We do make use of your browsers local storage to note your preferences. This information does not leave your browser.