Halesworth LOCATION



    • Yuletide Japes and Jinks
    • Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk
    • Dec 15 17:30—Dec 15 21:30

    Dec 15 17:30—Dec 15 21:30

    Halesworth community Choir and Friends invite you to join us for a wonderful evening of seasonal songs, stories and poetry to inspire.


    • Angel Halesworth, Suffolk
    • Cut Halesworth, Suffolk
    The Cut offers Halesworth and the surrounding countryside arts, music, theatre, dance, comedy, cinema, workshops and Art Exhibitions. It has a cafeteria and licensed bar, and food is now available an hour before most evening events.
    • Triple Plea Halesworth, Suffolk
    • White Hart Halesworth, Suffolk
    • White Swan Halesworth, Suffolk

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  1. Angel
  2. Cut
  3. Triple Plea
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  5. White Swan